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Travelling abroad with Veger Rent a Car

Everybody loves travelling and discovering new worlds and cultures. That’s why everybody loves travelling abroad. But sometimes just before you head away for your planned trip your car [...]
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Which class rental car to choose

MINI Mini is the most hired class in the rent a car companies. With its small size every driver manage to drive the car rental of mini class with ease. It is very convenient for urban condit [...]
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Sofia, the beautiful capital of Bulgaria

Sofia is gaining more and more popularity among tourists. One of the treasures of the capital is precisely its location.Surrounded by mountains Vitosha, Lyulin, Plana, Lozen and the Balkan S [...]
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Rent a Car in Bulgaria

Rent a Car industry or leasing of rental cars in Bulgaria each year is gaining more and more popularity. People, using the services of Rent a Car companies, donating car rental in Sofia, inc [...]