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Rent a Car in Bulgaria

Rent a Car industry or leasing of rental cars in Bulgaria each year is gaining more and more popularity. People, using the services of Rent a Car companies, donating car rental in Sofia, increase every year. According to statistics the highest percentage of customers are mainly foreigners who have visited Bulgaria on business or simply on vacation.

But have you ever thought where and how came the idea of Rent a Car business? In the following lines we will present you the interesting history of this evolving industry. In 1908 a man named Joe Saunders decided to buy a car to rent. He quickly reaped success and after six months he already owned 16 cars from the famous model-T, created by Henry Ford. The first client who hired a car wanted to impress his girlfriend and took her on a date with a luxury rental car.

This initiative proved very successful for Saunders family and after two years Joe and his brothers owned over 120 cars of the same model which they leased very successfully. At that time, customers mainly benefited from rent a car services in order to enjoy the indescribable pleasure of driving.

Later in 1919, thanks to the encouragement and support of their father, the brothers managed to conquer the local markets and opened garages with car rental in more than 56 cities.

But like any other business this trapped in the crisis, too. In the 30’s, during the Great Depression, a huge percentage of rent a car companies underwent bankruptcy.

After World War II we see a real rebirth of this dead Rent a Car industry. The rise and the rapid development of airline transportation favorably affect this convenient and affordable transport service. And so many companies open rent a car offices at airports, managing to satisfy the individual preferences of their customers.

A curious fact is that cars as a vehicle entered in Bulgaria in the 19th century. The rent a car services are most often offered at Sofia Airport Terminal 2 and Terminal 1, at Varna Airport and Burgas airport and at railway and bus stations.

Thanks to its persistence and tenacity over the years Veger Rent a Car is gaining more and more popularity and trust among people using rent a car services in Sofia and other cities in Bulgaria. Thanks to its loyal customers and partners the company can boast of a new luxury car rental for your business trips, special occasions or just walk in nature.

Classes rental cars that Veger Rent a Car offers:

  • Mini
  • Economy
  • Compact
  • Standard
  • Family/Mini Van 6+1
  • Mini bus 8+1 Bus
  • Jeep 4x4/ SUV
  • Luxury