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Which class rental car to choose


Mini is the most hired class in the rent a car companies. With its small size every driver manage to drive the car rental of mini class with ease. It is very convenient for urban conditions and particularly easy to park in the city. The price at which you can have one of these little treasures is affordable to everyone – the cheapest car rental is precisely these class cars. Quickly book!


Economy class car rental is suitable for customers who like driving, but do not like to have extra fuel costs (who loves?). You can recognize this car rental by its small size and low cost of fuel. It is suitable for walks near the city and to distant destinations. If you go on a trip and you do not like buses or trains economy class car rental from Veger Rent a Car will save you time, money and nerves. Book before it’s over!


Cars of standard class are ideal for people who love travelling, being comfortable, moving seamlessly and safely to the desired destinations. Rental cars of this class are recommended for people travelling on business, family vacation and are especially suitable for long journeys. Sit back, we from Veger Rent a Car have prepared for you the safest and the newest cars offered at the car rental market.


You can recognize what car rental awaits you in this class by its name. With its compact size you can rely on fast and easy movement. To imagine it better we can put this class between "mini" and "standard" – yet is small, yet not large, namely compact!


This class car rental are precisely minivans 6 +1, ideal for family holidays. The mini van has 6 +1 seats so you can be sure that everyone has a place. The van is ideal for long trips, its spacious and you will not feel when you reached the desired location. If you have a lot of luggage do not worry, the big rack accommodates more than you can imagine. Brace yourself, open the map and get going!


If you’re young people eager for new experiences and adventures or have a large family wishing to spend more time together Veger Rent a Car has prepared for you and your troop bus 8 +1 which you can rent from Sofia or another town. It’s economical, spacious and always on standby to travel to anywhere. And as you know, vans and cars rented from Veger Rent a Car are new, so do not worry about your trip and enjoy the tranquility and security that will provide the bus. Enjoy and be inspired by nature.

SUV / JEEP 4x4 

Everybody loves jeeps, and so we do at Veger Rent a Car, that’s why we offer you to hire great jeeps 4X4 for your calm trip. This is undoubtedly a good and safe solution for your trip. In winter this is the most preferred car rental. Rediscover the world with Jeep 4x4 hire!


It’s your prom night or wedding day and you want to feel comfortable and special at least once in your life? Or you should meet your business partners with the most suitable car rental (you don’t want to make a bad impression)? Veger Rent a Car is one of the few car rental companies in Bulgaria, offering luxury car rental, with or without a driver. Until now there isn’t a single complain about these wonderful, new and luxurious creations. Count on us, book your car of the highest class and feel "luxury".

*In addition to any car rental you can choose and book your "extras": child seat, navigation, Wi-fi, additional driver, chains and more. You just need to select your "extra" so we can bring it to you with the desired car. The only thing left is to select a class of car and book it!