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Sofia, the beautiful capital of Bulgaria

Sofia is gaining more and more popularity among tourists. One of the treasures of the capital is precisely its location.

Surrounded by mountains Vitosha, Lyulin, Plana, Lozen and the Balkan Sofia residents enjoy wonderful mountain views, and when they get tired of the daily problems or just want to enjoy the beauty of nature and fresh air, they need just half an hour by car to draw on the energy of these natural resources.

Often tourists who come to explore the ancient capital Sofia, young people eager for adventure, families in need of some rest and relaxation or people who come on a business trip, take advantage of rent a car services of Veger Rent a Car, without losing unnecessary time to organize their trip. Relying on the rapid response and quality services the company's customers do not hesitate to use again and again the services of Veger Rent a Car. Not accidentally, our motto is "Always give your customers more than they expect".

And now we will share with you our suggestions for a walk in the vicinity of the capital if you rent a car from Sofia. Our 5 offers for a walk with a rental car near Sofia

1. Boyana Waterfall and Boyana Church

Start the rental car from Sofia and submerge into the tranquility and beauty of Vitosha Mountain. You can leave the car in Boyana and head for the Boyana Waterfall. Enjoy the beautiful forest trails that will take you to a magical world not so far from Sofia. Breathe the fresh air and enjoy the eternal vegetation, the sound of the river, and the perfection of nature.

2. Lozen monastery

Just on 20 km from Sofia you can reach by car or minivan rental to Lozen monastery. If you are a lover of beautiful natural scenery and enjoy walking trails, this destination will definitely appeal to you.

3. Katina pyramids

Unbelievable but true! About half an hour from Sofia you can see a real phenomenon created by nature. These are Katina pyramids. Hurry to rent a car from Sofia, to be able to see these landmarks before they disappear.

4. Zheleznica village

At arm's length from Sofia you can plunge into the forest Jacuzzis in Zheleznica village. Located at the foot of Vitosha Mountain, Zheleznica village is known for its thermal springs. To get to the wonderful paradise with thermal pools you will have to walk through the beautiful and scenic trails. Do not think, book your car hire and take your needed rest.

5. Plana village

If you reach the Zheleznica village by car or minivan rental it is unthinkable to miss Plana village, which is located a few kilometers from Zheleznica. Amazing views that are revealed to the Rila, Vitosha and Verila mountains are not to be missed. And if you want to see shooting stars, definitely there is the place where you will enjoy this phenomenon. Hire car rental from Sofia and look of what beauty surrounds you.

Do not miss the second part of our proposals for walks around Sofia with the desired car, minivan or bus rental.