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Transfer shuttle from Sofia International airport to Bansko

Our country is famous for the fascinating diversity of natural landmarks and the beautiful mountains that attract foreign tourist like a magnet. It is not a coincidence that Bansko is the most visited ski resort in Bulgaria, a preferred destination for locals and foreigners who are keen on winter sports. With a total slope length of 50 km skiers and snowboarders have plenty of possibilities to enjoy the mountain.

Due to the huge attendance in the resort Veger Rent a car offer to his customers transfers from Sofia International Airport Terminals 1 and Terminal 2 to Bansko and such in the opposite direction. Transfer shuttles Bansko - Sofia.

The distance between Sofia and Bansko is around 155 km and the driving time around 2 hours.

With our transfer offers you can have one less thing to worry while traveling in unfamiliar territory by choosing to be greeted at the international airport of Sofia and driven from our cheafuer directly to Bansko. The transfers from Sofia to Bansko are suitable for foreigners or Bulgarians who live abroad landing directly in Terminal 1 or Terminal 2, Sofia.

You can also choose to be picked up from a specific address without having to carry your luggage unnecessarily.

Do not hesitate to contact Veger Rent a Car and to enjoy a pleasant trip with our services