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Travelling abroad with Veger Rent a Car

Everybody loves travelling and discovering new worlds and cultures. That’s why everybody loves travelling abroad. But sometimes just before you head away for your planned trip your car breaks down and you can’t go anywhere. Or you and all your friends want to go skiing but your standard class car, which is staying at your garage, is not big enough for all of you.

In such cases don’t hesitate to contact with Veger Rent a Car as we can offer you to rent the proper car or bus by which you can easily travel abroad. You can travel abroad by a car from Veger Rent a Car but in some countries there are specific restrictions. That’s why we advise you to contact with us, so you can share your plans and we will tell you if you can travel outside Bulgaria by a car from Veger Rent a Car.

Here are some advices if you’re travelling abroad by a rental car or bus:

1. Contact with us and share which country you would like to travel to by a rental car or bus.

2. Make a reservation for the vehicle you would like to travel abroad by (at least 3 working days before the planned date). If you would like to travel abroad by a rental car you would need some additional documents and some time is needed for them to be issued.

3. Estimate how many drivers would drive the car during the trip and provide us with that information at least 3 working days before the leaving date.

4. Chose the extras which you will need for your trip. Most often our clients offer Navigation to not worry that they will confuse the way.

5. The documents we will ask for from you are a valid passport/ID card, driving license and blue ticket. Check the validity of your documents carefully!

6. We all know that everything may happen when you go on a trip and even if your car is parked there is no guarantee that it will be absolutely safe. So we advise you to pay for an additional insurance of the rental car or bus.

7. Sometimes when we’re in a hurry we forget our documents in the glove compartment of the car. You must store the documents of the rental car at you. 8. For any type of additional questions or concerns do not hesitate to contact with us. We will give you the best advice so you can enjoy you trip without any excessive concerns.

We from Veger Rent a Car insist on satisfying the needs of our clients, creating trust, calmness and loyalty.