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A walk around Sofia with car rental from Veger Rent a Car

As we, from Veger Rent a Car promised promised you, we have selected other fabulous places to visit if you rent a car from Sofia. Give yourself a break and spend more time with your family and friends in the company of beautiful and breathtaking views. Trust us, you will not go wrong!

And the next stop is Lakatnik station, a colorful area 40 km away from Sofia. Not accidentally, we put Lakatnik first in our list of mandatory places that you should visit with car rental. With its variety of natural attractions and eco trails you can undoubtedly spend days, reinventing newer and newer places and views.

Everybody has heard about Lakatnik rocks, but not everybody realizes how magical they are. Not accidentally, this is one of the top places in Bulgaria among climbers and fans of extreme experiences.

If you decide to visit this area with car rental from Sofia below we will list the paths and places that are obligatory for spending a good time.

Temnata dupka cave - known for its intricate mazes and galleries. Make sure you are loaded with light, as this cave is not refined. But it is the perfect place where you will enjoy the coolness on hot summer days.

The monument to the fallen Septemberers. Leave your car/mini bus rental and take the path which after 40 min will take you to one of the most beautiful scenery that will make your eyes deviate constantly. The panorama provides you with views of the Iskar river, the Lakatnik station and the incredible mountain terrain that is part of the Vratsa Balkan. We're sure you're ready to book your car rental from Sofia or maybe a bus or minibus rental to share this experience with your family or friends.

Vazov eco trail and waterfall Skaklya – if you have hired a car/minibus rental from Sofia and you have reached Lakatnik station we oblige you to go through this indescribable in words trail that will take you straight to the waterfall Skaklya. It was there, inspired by the beauty of nature, where Ivan Vazov wrote the short story "Grandfather Yotso watching." And now you probably already guessed why the trail is named after him.

Trustenaya cabin – there are several options to get to the Trustenaya cabin. One option is to start the car or bus rental and to drive along the asphalt road that takes you to the cabin. The other, better option according to Veger Rent a Car, is to leave your car rental in Lakatnik village and take the path that runs through the forest, so you can purify yourself from the polluted air and enjoy nature. When you reach the cabin we recommend you to try the raspberry wine which is made locally. The cabin is surrounded by raspberry plantations and going through them you will find yourself on two lakes at which can even go fishing.

Izdremets mount – it’s located above Trustenava cabin at 1495 meters above the sea level. The mount cannot be reached by car or bus rental. But when you get to the top you can proudly boast that you have encountered one of the most beautiful views of Bulgaria. From one of the highest peaks of the Balkan mountain you can see Sofia, Botevgrad and the unique river Danube.

We think it's time to recharge with positive energy and forget about problems. In these places even if you don’t want to you will forget about everything negative. And for you comfortable and safe trip you can count on Veger Rent a Car. With its new car rental from different classes and convenient rental minivans you will feel relaxed and you can enjoy each view. Have a nice time!